Mathias Heise’s current projects.

Mathias Heise Quadrillion

Mathias Heise Quadrillion (MHQ) has existed since 2014. They play a refreshingly unique fusion of funk, rock and jazz. MHQ has released three albums:

Sudden Ascent in 2015, Decadence in 2018 (mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning Erik Zobler), and Quadrillion in 2022 – all on Giant Sheep Music.

Mathias Heise plays harmonica and keyboards as well as writes most of the material. His fellow band members are Mads Christiansen (guitar), David Vang (bass), and Aksel Stadel Borum (drums).

Mathias Heise Quartet/Quintet

Mathias Heise Quintet’s first album Mouth Games was released October 2023.

The style is modern jazz, both original compositions by Mathias Heise and new interpretations of jazz classics – with a nod to harmonica great Toots Thielemans.

Live line-up varies.

Album line-up: Mathias Heise (harmonica), Jacob Christoffersen (piano), Thomas Fonnesbæk (bass), Jeppe Gram (drums), Pelle von Bülow (guitar).

Listen to Mouth Games here

Heise/von Bülow Duo

Mathias Heise and guitarist extraordinaire Pelle von Bülow play standards, covers as well as original compositions. The style is jazz and soul with one or two Danish classics thrown in.

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Mathias Heise and Bjarke Mogensen

Jazz meets classic. Mathias Heise teams up with internationally acclaimed accordion virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen in this highly innovative and unique duo. They play a mix of original compositions and classic pieces arranged for harmonica and accordion by the duo.

Listen to the duo’s first album Flux

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Action 4’s

An international super group consisting of four of the most charismatic, innovative, and brilliant musicians on the contemparory jazz scene playing originals penned by the group’s members: Mathias Heise (harmonica), Anton Eger (drums), Connor Chaplin (bass), and Rasmus Sørensen (piano).

The group is currently working on their first album.

Mads Mathias Heise

Jazz crooner and saxophone player Mads Mathias meets Mathias Heise on harmonica in this quintet playing a mix of great standards and original compositions. Around Christmas a special version of the band emerges to play jazzy Christmas songs and Christmassy jazz songs. Lineup varies.